1. Yeovil Town (UK)

The Yeovill druid dude is holding something which is important as he’s pointing to it. This logo badge is so silly and indescribable yet intriguing and kind of beautiful (in its own crazy way) that we had no choice but to put it on the top of our list. Go Yeovil go!!!!
Yeovill logo funny

2. SexyPöxyt (Finland)

Sexy it is!

3. Lincoln City (UK)

Man Utd’s evil brother.
Lincoln City Devil

4. Hispano FC (Honduras)

Score some goals while the opponent’s laughing!

5. Nakambala Leopards (Zambia)

These guys have quite a sharp logo nowadays but this one was official for some time…

6. Limón FC (Costa Rica)

La Tromba del Caribe!

7. Polonkwane City FC (South Africa)

Yep. Rise and shine, baby. Rise and shine.

8. Roan United FC (Zambia)

Um… yes. lol.

9. Club Sport Victoria (Peru)

Is this legal?…

10. Siddis FC Show (Norway)


11. Barnsely FC (UK)

Everything’s clear here, move on…

12. Avenir Beggen (Luxembourg)

If you think this one’s silly, scroll down some more.

13. Estudiantes FC (Aruba)

Aruban Divison Dos (two).

14. Rancher’s Bees (Nigeria)

Wikipedia says: “They finished the season banished to Calabar and then Minna after fans attacked referees at a home game against Sunshine Stars F.C.”

15. Santa Coloma (Andorra)

It’s an important tower in Santa Coloma, yes.

16. SF Faetano (San Marino)

A tree plays football, why not.

17. JMalucelli (Brazil)

Brasileiro Série C!

18. FK Indjija (Serbia)

Why elliptical ball? Why chocolate deer?

19. Bangkok Glass (Thailand)

Huh scary. Must be a tricky team to play against. Red cards and stuff.

20. Calais RUFC (France)

Calais Racing Union Football Club!

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